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A few examples of why to buy from Japan

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) vehicles generally come with more options as standard, the condition of cars are very good mainly due to the strict "Shaken" which Is the vehicle Inspection programme applied to all privately owned vehicles over 3 years old and must take place every two years after that, It Is the equivalent of the UK MOT but Is much tighter and can cost around 1000.

The Japanese have an extremely efficient rail and subway network which are used for general commuting and the bullet trains (Shinkansen) used for covering larger areas very quickly. This means most vehicles are not used to travel long distances and generally have low mileage for their age.

During the winter months the roads are not gritted/salted and the vehicles use snow tyres so the bodywork and underside are in much better condition than an equivalently aged vehicle In the UK.

How do I know the cars you supply are not stolen from Japan?

All our cars go through the correct legal procedures of Japanese de-registration which Is taken care of by our agents In Japan and once the cars are In the UK the DVLA check with the International police (Interpol) and If there are any problems the vehicle will not be granted registration.

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